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We Don't Break Boats, We Care for Them

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Re-Homing, Removal and Disposal of Old Boats

Responsible Boat Disposal provides Re-Homing and Recycling services to boat and dinghy owners, who face the necessity to dispose of their beloved vessels either because of their age or condition. We operate all over the country, with yards near Plymouth, Devon, in Ipswich, Suffolk and in Greater Manchester area,

We don't just scrap boats sending them to landfills, but we care for them and search for new owners or other ways to reuse them. Where it is needed we remove the unwanted boats and yachts both from land and water. 

How to Dispose of a Boat or Dinghy Responsibly?

Corribee 22 leaving Yacht Heaven Quay, Plymouth

Find a new Home

This is the most uplifting solution: a new loving owner, instead of actual disposal of the boat, and that is exactly what we do. She will be treated well, and cared for more years to come. And many unwanted boats which might appear scrap can actually be disposed, or better to say, re-homed,  in this way.

Dump it?

Well, while this is clearly the easiest solution, it is hardly necessary to argue against this way of boat disposal  - pollution, both visual and chemical, responsibility, both legal and moral, all goes wrong here.

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Ask Us for Help

We shall both attempt to rehome your old lady, and remove and dispose responsibly of your boat if needed. We shall reuse as many bits as possible to cut the boat disposal costs, and send the leftovers to Waste-to-Energy plants, instead of landfills.

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South-West branch:
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Abandoned Corribee 22 looking for a new home, Plymouth

How much does it cost to dispose a boat?

Coribee 22, 08/2021, Plymouth: Free

The cost of disposal of a boat will depend greatly on its condition and location. If it is salvageable, it will be possible to find a new home for her, and then the cost is essentially zero (we do charge a brokerage fee in this case, so not exactly zero 🤷🏽‍♂️). 

If a full scale disposal is needed, the recycling of a boat usually amounts to about £60-£80 per foot of LOA.  That said, selling any recoverable bits (engines, etc) will usually cut the final cost to a certain degree.

Our Latest Boats

We are getting quite a number of Boat Disposal requests, and here there are some highlights of the recent boats we have successfully re-homed, or still being available. These boats were abandoned, or in urgent need of a new owner.

You can find what we have to offer at the moment on our Facebook page, for more already re-homed boats see our Re-homing page.

Leisure 20

Leisure 20

She was bought right before the Covid to be restored, but lockdowns didn't help. Now a new owner is caring for her in Treluggan, Cornwall. 


Sterling Sabre 28

Sterling Sabre 28

The owner didn't have time and commitment to restore the interior of the boat, but also didn't want to go through laborious selling process. So, Re-homed from Gillingham, Kent!


Project Halcyon 27

Westerly 22

The farm was sold, but the boat stored there remained. New owned took her after checking on the trailer condition. Another Re-homing in Worcester.


Project Halcyon 27

Kestrel Sailing Dinghy

Old but well equipped Kestrel sailing dinghy from a Torquay club has not used for quite some time, when the previous owner requireв the space for a new project.  


Project Halcyon 27

Cutlass 27

Lovely classical sailing boat, which unfortunately pinched its hull on a lower tide and sunk near Edinburgh. Salvaged and given to a young family for a restoration. 


Project Halcyon 27

Maxi 95

The boat was left for almost a decade in the boatyard in Devon, and suffered with rainwater and diesel flooding. After urgent decontamination a new owner was sought for.


Our Customers

We work both with individuals and businesses. Among our most recent corporate customers, are such companies as