Abandoned boat on the Tamar river, Devon

End of life vessels are encountered both in public waterways and private gardens. We aim at helping to dispose of this boats not by shifting the pollution to a less visible location, but by employing a proper Eco-Friendly technology to produce electricity without overcharging the customers,

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Telephone: 0161 818 7821

South-West branch:
167 Notte Str, Plymouth, Devon, PL1 2HF
Haye Down Industrial Estate, 
Tavistock PL19 0NN

London and South-East branch:
Levington, Ipswich IP10 0LN

Our promise:
Disposing of Boats without Harming the Nature

Every boat is a complex object created of different materials, to achieve longevity, performance and comfort of sailing. To dispose of boat responsibly, one needs to carefully separate the reusable materials from those that can be recycled or need to e treated carefully to avoid contaminating out waterways and land.

We treat disposal of every boat individually, cleaning the hull and the decks of all harmful materials like antifouling paint, removing all the reusable bits and pieces, and sending the rest to a Waste to Energy plant, where the fibreglass is used to produce electricity instead of going to a landfill.

Our Customers

We work both with individuals and businesses. Among our most recent corporate customers, are such companies as