What is Boat Re-Homing?

Finding a Foster Family for Your Boat

What if you started a boat project, but its completion stalled by changing circumstances? Or you inherited a boat, while you are not in the boating?

In many such cases selling can be a bad option - you might get a hundred pounds out of it, after spending months with answering time-wasters of all kinds on social media and phone.

We offer a solution: Re-Homing. We will help you to find a new owner for your boat or a project. We have an extensive marketing network, with lots of enthusiast following us and looking for new projects they are keen to take on. 

Re-Homing Brokerage fee: £250.00

Our Boats

We are re-homing several boats every month. Big and small, from sailing dinghies to big motor boats. You can always see what we have on our Facebook page.

Project Halcyon 27

Halcyon 27

A case of an unfinished project with everything being there: good sails, running engine and electronics, but missing the final touch.

04/2022, Cornwall

Re-homed Nicholson 32

Nicholson 32

The case of this Nik 32 is far from being a common one. The owner had to move urgently away to care for his mother, and asked us to care for the boat.

04/2022, Devon

Abandoned Norman 20

Norman 20

This small river cruiser was in a marina for quite some time due to the owner moving abroad. She was already on her way to a scrap yard when a new owner was found. 

04/2022, Cambridgeshire

Abandoned Scanmar 33

Scanmar 33

Swedish built Scanmar 33 was practically abandoned by her owner in a sailing club in Plymouth. The boat was taking water, and an urgent appeal for re-homing was successful.

03/2022, Devon

Rehomed Yvette 41ft

Osthammar Batvarv 41

A rare all teak sailboat of 1964 was longing for care and love in a Plymouth marina.  she went to a new home in Suffolk.


Rehomed Folkdancer 27

Folkdancer 27

This classic sailboat from the 60s became too much of a burden for her ageing owner, especially given the unfavourable survey results.  New local owners are to restore her now in Cardiff.

02/2022, Wales

Rehomed Signet 20

Signet 20

The club in Plymouth where the owner used to keep this little gem was acquired by a bigger marina, all boat must be gone! New owner enjoying it now.

01/2022, Devon

Rehomed Hurley 22

Hurley 22 project

Changing circumstances is a most common cause for re-homing of boating project.This Hurley 22 was stripped of its interior, but had to be passed on to a new owner in Hampshire. 

Rehomed Corribee Mk2

Corribee Mk2 1976

Left in a Plymouth boatyard for many years, this Caribbee actually sailed  on her own to her new home just two weeks after we put her on the market.


10/2021, Devon

Rehomed Seasafe Dandy

1978 Seasafe Dandy

A happy new owner was found for this 1978 Seasafe Dandy abandoned in the farm fields of York.