How to Scrap a Boat

What is the best way to Scrap a Boat in the UK? 
Avoid scrapping whatsoever, of course!

It is estimated that there are around 600,000 pleasure boats in the United Kingdom, many of them pretty old ones. Some of them are abandoned polluting our waterways, but much more are simply forgotten about due to ill health, change of life circumstances or other reasons.

It might appear that scrapping such a neglected boat is the only and the easiest solution. However, scrapping is both expensive to the owner and harmful to the nature.

If you have any doubts do contact us, and we will help to either Re-Home the boat, or recycle it responsibly.

Off cuts of a motorboat
Unknown motorboat

Facing an old boat, the first step should to to verify that the boat actually does need scrapping. There is surprisingly many people in the UK who would gladly take your old boat to restore her and give her a new life. We call it Re-Homing, see some examples of re-homed boats at this page.

It can happen that neither donating the boat to a charity, nor Re-Homing is actually possible, and scrapping is needed. If the decision is made to scrap the boat, it is a responsibility of every reasonable owner to ensure that the boat is properly disposed of and does not cause (too much) harm to the environment. Sending a boat to a landfill is not an option, as the fibreglass will stay there almost forever. The boat must be properly dismantled and all possible the materials recycled. The GRP should be incinerated in a Waste to Energy plant, as currently it is the best way to deal with this material.

There are a number of companies in the UK that specialise in boat scrapping, but it is only Responsible Boat Disposal that does it without sending waste to a landfill as well as exploring the possibility of Re-Homing of boats whenever there is a chance.

If you have any doubts do contact us, and we will help to either Re-Home the boat, or recycle it responsibly.

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