Our Re-Homing Archive

These boats were abandoned, or in urgent need of a new owner, we found a new owners for them, or otherwise found a way to re-use them.

For the boats we currently have see our Facebook page.

Free Valiant 18

Another example of a refurbishing project interrupted by an illness. Re-Homing is the answer.

07/2023, Plymouth

Free Valiant 18

A speedboat with classical touch, whose owner suffered a massive  incapacitating stroke.

07/2023, Lymington

Free Valiant 18

From a well known builder, this unfinished project was in need of new life. Re-homed now.

07/2023, Southampton

Free Valiant 18

They also need new homes :) Inherited, but unwanted the dinghy went to a new home and a new life.

07/2023, Leicestershire

Free Valiant 18

Structurally sound small reliable boat, but in need of attention and time, was passed to a new enthusiast. 

06/2023, Portsmouth

Free Norman 23

After having her vandalised and stripped of the expensive stuff, the owners decided to pass it on.

05/2023, Northampton

Free Colvic 26

Passing away of her owner, and the length of potential restoration made the selling of the boat unfeasible, but re-homing is still possible.

05/2023, Lincolnshire

Free Westerly Pageant

The boat needed attention, which her owner was not able to offer. 

05/2023, Totnes

Free Fairline Holiday

Whilst in a reasonable condition, she is required the engine rebuilt, something the older owner were not able to undertake.

05/2023, Sandwich

Free Colvic UFO 31

Full interior restoration was being taken up, but commitments change and the boat had to be passed to a new home.

05/2023, Bristol

Free Clinker dinghy

Clinker dinghy

Lovely small Clinker dinghy made by the previous owner, and sailed for many years were given away conditioned on a donation to RNLI. 

05/2023, Sussex

Free Caprice 19

GRP hull and wooden super structure  give this boat a classical look, but a lot of hard labour to maintain, which forced the re-homing. 

05/2023, Blyth

Free Corribee 21

Corribee 21

A small sailing boat from the past, still around us and still capable. Given to a new enthusiast for some restoration due. 

04/2023, Totnes

Free Birchwood 22

Coping with the consequences of Flooded through the engine leg was beyond current owner.

04/2023, Surbiton

Free Norman 25

The boat belonged to the parents of her current owner for 40 years, was given to the Forces in the Community charity.

04/2023, Birmingham

Free Kingfisher 26

She has been rather neglected since the pandemic. The owner was parting with the boat because of health issues.

04/2023, Rochester

Free International Cruisers Vee Express 267

Leaking legs' seals were too expensive to fix for her current owner. A new owner has been found.


These boats were abandoned, or in urgent need of a new owner, we found a new owners for them, or otherwise found a way to re-use them.

For the boats we currently have see our Facebook page.

Free Draco 25

A combination of overseas work commitments and recurring engine problems, forced the owner to give the boat away. 

02/2023, Bath

Free Nicholson 26

Abandoned ion its berth for many years this classical boat is now being restored by two students.

02/2023, Devon

Free Colvic 26

The approaching berthing fees and post-COVID need of clean up forced the owner to give up on the boat. Now sold to a new enthusiast.

02/2023, Brighton

Free Colvic 26

Fully functional boat if not for the non-running engine. New home found.

01/2023, Essex

Free Rowing boat

Small Rowing boat

Just a small rowing tender escaped the scrapping.

01/2023, Teignmouth

Joy Belle by Morgan Giles 1947

Old times wooden hull  believed to be Morgan Giles's passenger boat built in Teignmouth in 1947 and called originally Joy Belle.

01/2023, Brixham

Thompson 240

Thompson 240 Traveller

Inherited but unwanted motorboat was looking for a new home. Required trailer update and engine refurb.

12/2022, Bolton.

Fishing boat for free

A well worked wooden fishing boat could not pass anymore the MCA regulation. 

11/2022, Dartmouth

Free wooden yacht

A classical wooden yacht required more attention that her then-owner could spare. 

10/2022, Shoreham

Freeman 22 for free

River cruiser which were in need of somebody to finish the engine rebuild, and a couple of other things alike.

10/2022, London

Tankard 24 for free

Tankard 24

An old boat, which has not seen the water in at least 3 years. Now is being turned into an accommodation as was too dilapidated to keep sailing.

10/2022, Wales



Another small lovely boat, but rather racy this time. After the sailing season the owners decided to give her away to avoid the hassle of a sale.

10/2022, Portsmouth Harbour

Hurley 24/70

A lovely small but capable boat. The owner wanted to find a younger sailor who would keep enjoying the boat.

10/2022, Portsmouth Harbour

Micro Challenger 18

A construction site was to be cleared. So this speedboat with a V8 5.8L engine, but some parts missing, was looking for a new home.

09/2022, Cornwall

Micro Challenger 18

Micro Challenger 18

Repairs needed on this small daysailer were beyond qualification of her then owner. Re-homing team was called to find a new one.

07/2022, Plymouth

Old Newbridge Navigator

Newbridge Navigator

Ageing owner could not care for her anymore. After washing up and cleaning a new owner was found who even covered the re-homing costs.

07/2022, Cambridgeshire

Leisure 20

Leisure 20

She was bought right before the Covid to be restored, but lockdowns didn't help. Now a new owner is caring for her in Treluggan, Cornwall. 


Sterling Sabre 28

Sterling Sabre 28

The owner didn't have time and commitment to restore the interior of the boat, but also didn't want to go through laborious selling process. So, Re-homed from Gillingham, Kent!


Re-homed Colvic Countess 28

Colvic Countess 28

The boat suffered a split in the hull and sunk.  Otherwise complete, she needed an extensive GPR repair, which is now underway.


Project Halcyon 27

Westerly 22

The farm was sold, but the boat stored there remained. New owned took her after checking on the trailer condition. Another Re-homing in Worcester.


Project Halcyon 27

Kestrel Sailing Dinghy

Old but well equipped Kestrel sailing dinghy from a Torquay club has not used for quite some time, when the previous owner requireв the space for a new project.  


Project Halcyon 27

Cutlass 27

Lovely classical sailing boat, which unfortunately pinched its hull on a lower tide and sunk near Edinburgh. Salvaged and given to a young family for a restoration. 


Project Halcyon 27

Maxi 95

The boat was left for almost a decade in the boatyard in Devon, and suffered with rainwater and diesel flooding. After urgent decontamination a new owner was sought for.


Project Halcyon 27

Halcyon 27

A case of an unfinished project with everything being there: good sails, running engine and electronics, but missing the final touch.

04/2022, Cornwall

Re-homed Nicholson 32

Nicholson 32

The case of this Nik 32 is far from being a common one. The owner had to move urgently away to care for his mother, and asked us to care for the boat.

04/2022, Devon

Abandoned Norman 20

Norman 20

This small river cruiser was in a marina for quite some time due to the owner moving abroad. She was already on her way to a scrap yard when a new owner was found. 

04/2022, Cambridgeshire

Abandoned Scanmar 33

Scanmar 33

Swedish built Scanmar 33 was practically abandoned by her owner in a sailing club in Plymouth. The boat was taking water, and an urgent appeal for re-homing was successful.

03/2022, Devon

Rehomed Yvette 41ft

Osthammar Batvarv 41

A rare all teak sailboat of 1964 was longing for care and love in a Plymouth marina.  she went to a new home in Suffolk.


Rehomed Folkdancer 27

Folkdancer 27

This classic sailboat from the 60s became too much of a burden for her ageing owner, especially given the unfavourable survey results.  New local owners are to restore her now in Cardiff.

02/2022, Wales

Rehomed Signet 20

Signet 20

The club in Plymouth where the owner used to keep this little gem was acquired by a bigger marina, all boat must be gone! New owner enjoying it now.

01/2022, Devon

Rehomed Hurley 22

Hurley 22 project

Changing circumstances is a most common cause for re-homing of boating project.This Hurley 22 was stripped of its interior, but had to be passed on to a new owner in Hampshire. 

Rehomed Corribee Mk2

Corribee Mk2 1976

Left in a Plymouth boatyard for many years, this Caribbee actually sailed  on her own to her new home just two weeks after we put her on the market.


10/2021, Devon

Rehomed Seasafe Dandy

1978 Seasafe Dandy

A happy new owner was found for this 1978 Seasafe Dandy abandoned in the farm fields of York. 



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